Experience the psychedelic side of the astral world. Talk to planets.


Computer game takes you on a space rock journey. Windows, Mac and Linux.


Oresund Space Collective (Denmark) plays totally improvised space rock.


Multiplayer game. Meet other cosmic-minded players online.

How far down the rabbit hole do you wanna go?

- "The game is an astral trip into the world of our improvised music", Dr. Space of Oresund Space Collective.

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Introducing the astral trip team. Dr. Space is the supervisor and spiritual leader of the game project. MaSa is the game architect, designer and programmer. Martin is the graphical designer. Dan is the narrator. Jussi is the server programmer. In addition we are getting important support from the friends and other nice space-rock-like-minded people.

It's gonna be a fucking deep journey.

- "Last night I got sucked into a cosmic pussy", Game Tester Milan Hrubes.

Passionate Team

We are an experienced team of passionate space rock fans who want to provide you new methods to enjoy astral spaces.

Matti Sarja, Game Architect.

Crowd Funding

We need Your support to build the Oreseund astral world a better place. We have created an initial version of the game as a proof-of-concept. With your help we can get the game published.

Dr. Space, Spiritual Leader.

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Astral Trip Development Trailer